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How to change headlight bulb in Honda Civic

One of the most common malfunctions and also one of the most important is the burning out of the headlight bulb. Many manufacturers on the market offer bulbs with different characteristics, from completely average to high brightness or even long-lasting ones. In this article, we will replace the current average light bulb with an increased brightness one. This will be the Osram Night Breaker Laser, which you can read more about in the Is Osram Night Breaker really good? article. In the case of the 2001 Honda Civic, the bulbs are a bit difficult to access, however, all you need is new bulbs.

Osram Night Breaker Laser light bulbs

To replace it, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the hood to access the light bulbs.
    Headlight left
    Headlight right

  2. Unplug the cable connector off the bulb.
    Cables unplugged

  3. Remove the dust cover from the back of the lamp.
    Dust cover removed

  4. On the back of the lamp you can see a wire, which holds the bulb in its place.
    Back of headlight

  5. Unhook the wire so you can take out the bulb.
    Back of headlight

  6. Insert the new light bulb and hang the wire back. When inserting the new bulb, pay attention to the tabs on the rim of the bulb so that they are all in place. Otherwise, the light beam coming out of the lamp may not spread in the right direction.

  7. Put the dust cover back with the 'TOP' mark facing up. There is a small hole at the bottom of the dust cover. This is necessary because if condensation gets inside the dust cover, it can flow out.
    Dust cover

  8. Plug the cables back to the bulb, then close the hood.
    Headlight with cables