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Represented by: András Kiss
Hosting provider: Websupport Magyarország Kft. (1132 Budapest, Victor Hugo utca 18-22., performs its statistical data collection, data processing and information provision activities in accordance with the laws and EU regulations in force at all times; manages the personal data held by the website. The operator of the website takes extra care during its data management and processing, which serves to prevent the occurrence of data protection incidents. The operator of the website, hereinafter as the data controller, recognizes the content of the declaration as binding on itself, but reserves the right to change the declaration, provided that it notifies the affected parties of the changes in a timely manner. The data manager considers it of utmost importance to respect the right of informational self-determination of its visitors. It treats personal data confidentially and takes all measures to guarantee data security.

Basic principles of data management: Personal data can be processed if a) the data subject consents to it (voluntary), or b) it is ordered by law (other legislation) or a local government decree based on its authorization for a purpose based on the public interest (mandatory). Personal data can be transferred, and different data processing can be linked, if the data subject has consented to it, or if the law allows it, and if the conditions for data processing are met for each individual piece of personal data. Personal data may only be processed for a specific purpose, in order to exercise a specific right and fulfill an obligation. Only such personal data can be processed that is essential for the realization of the purpose of data management, is suitable for achieving the purpose, and only to the extent and for the time necessary for the realization of the purpose. Voluntary personal data can only be processed with consent based on appropriate information. The data subject must be informed - clearly, clearly and in detail - about all the facts related to the management of his data, including in particular the purpose and legal basis of the data management, the person entitled to the data management and data processing, the duration of the data management, and who can see the data. The information must also cover the data subject's rights and legal remedies. It is prohibited to use a general and uniform personal identification symbol that can be used without restriction.

The processed personal data
a) their recruitment and handling should be fair and legal;
b) be accurate, complete and, if necessary, timely;
c) the method of storage should be suitable so that the data subject can only be identified for the time necessary for the purpose of storage.

Data transfer to the EEA states must be considered as data transfer within the territory of Hungary. Personal data may be transferred to a data controller or data processor in a third country if the data subject has expressly consented to it, or if it is permitted by law, and an adequate level of personal data protection is ensured during the handling and processing of the transferred data in the third country. Scope of personal data Data management is based on voluntary consent. We draw the attention of informants that if they do not provide their own personal data, the informant must obtain the consent of the data subject.

What are cookies and how do we manage them?
Cookies are small data files (hereinafter referred to as "cookies") that are transferred to your computer through the use of the website, saved and stored by your Internet browser. The majority of the most commonly used internet browsers (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) accept and enable the download and use of cookies as a default setting, but it depends on you whether you refuse or disable them by changing your browser settings, or you also the cookies already stored on your computer can delete it. The "help" menu item of each browser provides more information on the use of cookies. The website will inform you about cookies that require consent - if data management already starts when you visit the site - at the start of your first visit. If you have any questions or problems while using our services, you can contact the website operator at

Data management related to visiting the website.
To view the information published on the website is accessible to anyone, it is not necessary to enter personal data. automatically receives the following information about its visitors: the visitor's IP address, the time of the visit, the subpages and contents viewed on the website. These data are displayed in the Google Analytics service through automatic data transfer. This data is used for analysis related to the website and to check the safe operation of the website.