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Honda Civic Maintenance

Maintenance, repairing and service of my Honda Civic 2001 7th gen 4D 1.6I. During ten years of usage, covering nearly 100,000 km, there were several cases that had to be repaired to maintain the normal state of the car. Below are some of these problems and the ways how I repaired them. There are several of them that are probably applicable to other car types as well. As life goes on, various interesting things keep happening with my car, listed below: (continuously expanding)

Why to change spark plugs

Oil Consumption

How to change headlight bulb in Honda Civic

Is Osram Night Breaker Really Good?

Wheel Change

Parking Light Bulb Change

64 GB Pendrive Format to FAT32

Car Radio Replacement

Air Filter Change

Pollen Filter Change

Rear Light Bulb Change

Specification Of My Honda Civic

Honda Stories

Stories and historical facts regarding the Honda company and several other cases that are related to the Honda brand. This information is based on documentaries, reports of Honda collective, journalists, racing drivers.

Honda Story

Failure: Secret to Success