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TimeNotes (TimeNotes Free) mobile game for Android.

TimeNotes – The hardest and most entertaining quiz game ever!

Are you bored with the same questions and events in every quiz game? Do you want to try something new? Are you up for the task? To build the longest streak of dates? To be the best in TimeNotes the hardest and most entertaining quiz game ever? To test your knowledge, and become the best in the Ultimate Challenge? More than 22.000 unique events! Find it on Google Play.

Categories: movie, film; music; transportation; video games; board games; anime, manga; literature; comic books, graphic novels; science; sport; history; art; nature; religion.

Customizable interface.

Two game modes: challenge, infinity.

Full gameplay customization.

Two skins: normal, classical.

Superhard achievements for the most determined players! Let’s see how educated you are!

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