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Roaring 20s

Roaring 20s

It lasted only 13 years in the United States, but it left such a deep mark on history that it is believed that everyone is familiar with the era known mostly as the Roaring 20s. The world of film made sure that we could gain insight into the everyday life of that time, which is also known as Prohibition, from several perspectives.

At this time, the consumption of beer, wine and spirits was prohibited. 25 states already had prohibition laws, but the law that went into effect on January 16, 1920 extended prohibition to the entire country. The men of justice spilled alcoholic beverages everywhere. The alcohol ban, called a noble experiment, was the culmination of the national abstinence movement. Many believed that drinking endangered public order. In addition, the alcohol ban also wanted to emphasize the morality of the USA vis-à-vis the sinful Europe. Not much time passed and the unexpected and unpleasant effects of the alcohol ban became apparent. And one of the most dramatic consequences was the increase in crime. The purchase and distribution of burnt alcohol has become an extremely profitable venture for organized crime. Lawabiding citizens have become smugglers. The secret liquor counters were filled with people drinking and dancing every night. Drinking, from the moment it became a forbidden activity, became at once attractive and fashionable.

The Roaring 20s app is meant to represent the business part of these times. It includes the staff, vehicles, locations to produce and store alcohol of your business. The primary goal of the game is, like in case of any other business, to buy cheap and sell expensive in USA in the 20s.

Like some of my apps, this is a suspended project, the source code of this can be found on GitHub, and any changes and additions to make the app better are welcome.