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Rally Raid

Rally Raid

Rally Raid is the world’s first text-based rally game – you have to play it.

Whether you are driving a truck, a bike or a car on the races of different continents, the 6700 miles (more than 10000 kilometers) total race distance guarantees the continuous excitement and challenges during 33 stages. All the in game actions are matched to the real cross-country rally events.

Welcome to the definitive racing experience. Find it on Google Play.



The biggest vehicle has plenty of places in the trunk. You can put there a lot of accessories before starting the stage and you can more or less compensate the disadvantages of the big mass of the truck.

Power: 612661 kW
Mass: 18739 lbs (8500 kg)
Cosumption: 2.372.96 mpg (79.599.1 l/100 km)
Fuel tank size: 184.92 gal (700 l)
Trunk capacity: 40


Motorbike is slightly slower than the car but the fun is not less. The capacity of the inventory definitely smaller than the other vehicles what means a real challenge to complete a race.

Power: 4667 kW
Mass: 357 lbs (162 kg)
Cosumption: 35.6439.87 mpg (5.96.6 l/100 km)
Fuel tank size: 14.88 gal (35 l)
Trunk capacity: 5


Racing by car is the classic way to perform a rally. It is the fastest vehicle with a medium trunk size. Other cars are as fast as yours. If you make a wrong decision during the stage you can lose positions.

Power: 234255 kW
Mass: 3560 lbs (1615 kg)
Cosumption: 5.376.78 mpg (34.743.8 l/100 km)
Fuel tank size: 92.46 gal (350 l)
Trunk capacity: 20



Egypt Rally takes place in the desert of Egypt. Conditions on a various types of the ground are usually extremely challenging. Making good decisions is essential.

Length: 1588.22 mi (2556 km)
Stages: 7
Available service time: 30 mins (before each stage)


Driving on sand dunes of Sahara has always been a real challenge. Nevertheless the long distances in desert and varying terrains in other areas make the race a great adventure.

Length: 2481.13 mi (3993 km)
Stages: 12
Available service time: 40 mins (before each stage)

South America

South America is the most difficult rally in the world. Whether you are a beginner or a professional driver you have to be vey humble to finish and win the race.

Length: 2630.88 mi (4234 km)
Stages: 14
Available service time: 50 mins (before each stage)

Human Characteristics

Higher fitness: higher speed, less chance of crash, less physical state decrease.
Higher reliability: less chance of crash.
Higher collaboration: less chance of losing the right way.
Higher driving skills: higher speed, less chance of crash, more chance to get out from sand if you are stuck.
Higher composure: less chance of crash.

Vehicle Characteristics

More power: higher speed.
Higher consumption: higher fuel level needed at the start of the stage.
Higher control: higher speed, less chance of crash.
Higher reliability: less chance of damage at any vehicle part.
Higher comfort: higher speed.

Other Factors

More fuel amount: lower speed.
More helpfulness: more chance of support if you are in trouble on the stage.
Better Physical state: higher speed, less physical state decreasing on catch cold incident, less chance to get sick (catch cold).
Injury: lower speed.
Higher venture: higher speed.
The application contains about 30 incidents, which can happen during the stages.

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