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This game is for 2-4 players.


  • 4 boards (cross, circle, triangle, square)
  • 60 earth cards
  • 70 fire cards
  • 80 wind cards
  • 45 water cards
  • 10 void cards
  • 60 cross tokens
  • 60 circle tokens
  • 60 triange tokens
  • 60 square tokens

Download and print every component.


Every player has 1 board and all of own tokens.


If a player has finished all of plants on his/her board as first or has highest score and none of opponents can make any action then wins the game.


If a plant is finished, the owner gets scores as written on the field of the board. If an opponent supported a plant, the supporter gets scores as written on the field of the board.

Requirements of plants

  • Oak: earth, wind, fire, water.
  • Sea weed: wind, fire, water.
  • Moss: earth, wind, water.
  • Cactus: earth, wind, fire.


A player begins the game and then moves clockwise in turn. The creation of any plants always starts only if the previous one is finished on the coulumn of the plant. In case of the creation of first plant always starts on the row right below the header of the board.

In a turn the player can make any of the following actions:

Draw a card from deck if the number of your cards are not greater than 5. Put a card on a plant from your cards. Put a water card or wind card on a plant from the wind column of the board and make one more action. Put wind card on an available wind place of the wind column of the board. Put water card on a wind card of the wind column of the board. (If you have 2 water cards and a fire card, you can put 2 water cards on two available wind cards. In this case you cannot use the fire card anymore.) If you have as many water cards as fire cards, you can remove them both and draw a card from the deck. Use the void card as a replacement of any card. Remove the void card from the board and replace it with the correct earth/wind/fire/water card from your own cards. Put a card onto the board of any opponent and sign it with your token.

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