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Chronology Events

Chronology Events
Events contained by the Chronology app:

Construction Of The Terrace Of The Lions (Delos Island, Greece) BC 3000
Babylon Becomes A Power Center BC 1830
Hittites Occupy Babylon BC 1531
Construction Of Pieta Statue (Italy) BC 1499
Murder Of Tutankhamen BC 1337
The First Known Strike BC 1156
Foundation Of Carthage BC 814
The Beginning Of Ancient Greek Olympic Games BC 776
Foundation Of Rome BC 753
Foundation Of Tarentum BC 706
Taharqa Becomes Pharaoh Of Egypt BC 690
Assyrians Destroy Babylon BC 689
Greeks Found Chalcedon BC 685
Jimmu Tenno Founds Dynasty BC 660
Battle Of Megiddo BC 608
Psamtik II Becomes King BC 595
Babylonian Captivity BC 587
Thales Of Miletus Predicts A Solar Eclipse BC 585
Amasis II Becomes Pharaoh BC 570
Foundation Of Magadha Empire BC 543
Scythian Campaign Of Persians BC 513
Beginning Of Roman Republic BC 509
Battle Of Marathon BC 490
Athens Receives Democratic Constitution BC 487
Final Defeat Of Babylon BC 482
Second Persian War Begins BC 480
Construction Of Zeus Temple Is Finished BC 457
Construction Of Parthenon (Greece) Completed BC 432
Battle Of The Allia BC 387
Alexander The Great Becomes King BC 336
Campaign Of Alexander The Great Against Persia BC 334
Susa Weddings BC 324
Elephant Battle BC 275
Rome Becomes Great Power BC 237
Construction Of The Terracotta Army (China) Completed BC 208
Foundation Of Han Dynasty BC 206
Foundation Of Aquileia BC 181
Ptolemy Publishes His Theory Of The Earth-Centered Universe BC 150
Jews Establish Their Kingdom BC 140
Hipparchos Completes The First Catalog Of The Stars BC 129
Construction Of Venus De Milo Statue Completed BC 100
Beginning Of Spartacus’ Revolt BC 73
Construction Of Colosseum (Italy) Completed BC 70
Construction Of The Statues Of Mount Nemrut (Turkey) BC 62
The First Triumvirate In Rome BC 60
Introduction Of Julian Calendar BC 46
Herod Becomes King Of The Jews BC 37
Battle Of Actium BC 31
Construction Of Augustus Prima Porta Statue (Italy) BC 27
Judea Comes Under Direct Roman Rule BC 6
Red Eyebrow Rebellion 23
Pontius Pilate Becomes Procurator 26
Crucifixion Of Jesus 33
Nero Becomes Roman Emperor 54
Great Fire Of Rome 64
Eunuch Invents Paper 105
Foundation Of Regensburg 179
Foundation Of Sasanian Empire 224
Beginning Of First Persecution Of Christians 249
Formation Of Independent Gallic Empire 259
Ssu-Ma Clan Unites China 265
Constantine The Great Becomes Emperor 306
Milan Grace Order 313
The First Hun Attack 350
Foundation Of The First Monastery 361
Western Goths Defeat Emperor Valens 378
Sack Of Rome By The Visigoths 410
Foundation Of Vandal Empire 429
Attila Becomes Sole Monarch 445
Fall Of The Western Roman Empire 476
Creation Of Christian Calendar 525
Turks Appear In History 552
Beginning Of Byzantine Empire 627
Creation Of Quran 653
The Final Destruction Of Carthage 698
Vikings Appear In Russia 700
Nara Becomes Capital Of Japan 710
Pepin The Short Becomes Sole Monarch 747
Charlemagne Becomes Roman Emperor 800
Hungarian Conquest Of The Carpathian Basin 895
Louis III. Becomes Frankish Emperor 901
Erik The Red Discovers Greenland 982
Stephen I. Dies 1038
Creation Of Domesday Book 1086
Beginning Of The Second Crusade 1146
Construction Of Leaning Tower Of Pisa (Italy) Starts 1173
Beginning Of The Third Crusade 1189
Foundation Of Delhi Sultanate 1206
Creation Of Magna Carta Libertatum 1215
Edward I. Becomes King Of England 1272
Pestilence Appears In Europe 1347
Foundation Of Ming Dynasty 1368
Construction Of The Manneken Pis Statue (Belgium) 1388
Battle Of Kosovo 1389
Geoffrey Chaucer Writes The Canterbury Tales 1392
Beijing Becomes Capital Of China 1421
Issue Of Pragmatic Sanction Of Bourges 1438
Gutenberg’s Invention Of The Printing Press 1445
Printing Of Chronica Hungarorum 1473
Construction Of The Moscow Kremlin Starts 1475
Sandro Botticelli Finishes The Birth Of Venus 1486
Christopher Columbus Discovers America 1492
Vasco Da Gama Reaches Calicut, India 1498
Amerigo Vespucci Explores Lands In South America 1499
Bartolomeu Dias’ Ship Sinks 1500
Construction Of David Statue (Italy) 1501
Mail Traffic Starts 1505
Charles I. Becomes King Of Spain 1516
Martin Luther’s 95 Theses 1517
Leonardo Da Vinci Finishes Mona Lisa 1519
Italian Four Years’ War 1521
Finishing The First World Circumnavigation 1522
Soccer Appears In Italy As Calcio 1530
Girolamo Fracastoro’s Epic Poem About Syphilis 1530
Foundation Of Montreal 1535
Proposal Of Copernican Heliocentrism 1543
William Shakespeare Is Born 1564
Foundation Of Rio De Janeiro 1565
Pieter Bruegel The Elder Paints The Harvesters 1565
Foundation Of Royal Exchange 1570
Foundation Of Buenos Aires 1580
Publication Of The Most Important Chinese Pharmacopoeia 1593
Death Of Christopher Marlowe 1593
Publication Of Romeo And Juliet (William Shakespeare) 1597
Burning Of Giordano Bruno 1600
First Appearance Of Forensic Medicine 1602
Publication Of Don Quixote (Miguel De Cervantes) 1605
Foundation Of Quebec 1608
Publication Of The Sonnets (William Shakespeare) 1609
King James Bible Is Completed And Published 1611
Johannes Kepler’s Third Law 1618
The First Legislative Assembly 1619
Foundation Of Dutch West Indi Company 1621
Publication Of The First Folio (William Shakespeare) 1623
Construction Of The Apollo And Daphne Statue (Italy) Completed 1625
William Harvey Discovers The Large Circle Of Blood Circulation 1628
Foundation Of Boston 1630
Crust Of Cinchona, The First Specific Medicine 1630
The First Obstetrics In Paris 1630
First Cotswold Games 1634
Publication Of Johann Schröder’s Pharmacopoeia 1641
Vincenzo Viviani Discovers Air Pressure 1643
Evangelista Torricelli Invents The Mercurial Barometer 1644
Construction Of Taj Mahal (India) Completed 1645
Construction Of Ecstasy Of Saint Teresa Statue (Italy) 1652
Construction Of Taj Mahal (India) Completed 1653
The First Injection Directly Into Vein 1665
The First Blood Transfusion 1665
Johannes Vermeer Paints Girl With A Pearl Earring 1665
Great Fire Of London 1666
Hennig Brand Invents Phosphorus 1669
First Recorded Boxing Match 1681
Erhard Weigel Invents The Elevator 1687
Brazilian Gold Rush 1693
Voltaire Is Born 1694
Cadillac Founds Detroit 1701
Saint Petersburg Becomes Capital Of Russia 1712
Surgery Becomes Independent Science 1718
Publication Of Robinson Crusoe (Daniel Defoe) 1719
First Paper Money Inflation 1720
Publication Of Gulliver’s Travels (Jonathan Swift) 1727
Jacques Daviel Makes The First Cataract Surgery 1745
First Defeating Of Scurvy 1747
French Conquest Of Corsica 1768
Boston Tea Party 1773
Joseph Priestley Discovers Oxygen 1774
European Anatomy And Medicine Appears In Japan 1774
James Watt Invents The Steam Engine 1776
Law To Regulate The Biliard Game In Paris 1777
William Herschel Discovers Uranus 1781
George Washington Becomes The First President Of The USA 1789
Introduction Of Dollar In The USA 1792
The Unit Of Length Measurement Becomes Meter 1795
T. Beddoes Applies Oxygen And Laughing Gas Against Diseases 1799
Alessandro Volta Invents Electric Battery 1800
Robert Fulton Creates The First Submarine 1800
Discovery Of The Ultra Violet Rays 1801
Edgar Allan Poe Is Born 1809
First Fight For The World Boxing Champion Title 1810
Friedrich Ludwig Jahn Invents Gymnastics 1811
Stephenson Starts To Construct Steam Locomotives 1813
First Book About Athletics By Walter Tom 1813
Publication Of Frankenstein Or The Modern Prometheus 1818
First Steamship To Cross The Atlantic Ocean 1819
Walt Whitman Is Born 1819
The First Public Steam Train 1825
Anyos Jedlik Invents The Electric Motor 1829
Discovery Of The Magnetic Pole 1831
Asian Cholera Appears In Europe 1831
Publication Of Faust (Goethe) 1832
Publication Of Eugene Onegin (Alexander Pushkin) 1832
Foundation Of Chicago 1833
Opening Of Germany’s First Steam-Powered Railway 1835
First Proven Arsenic Poisioning 1836
Beginning Of Transatlantic Shipping 1838
Samuel Colt Invents The Revolver 1842
The First Morse Telegraph Message 1844
First Public Baseball Game In USA 1846
Johann Galle Is The First Person To Spot Neptune 1846
Ignaz Semmelweis Introduces Hand Disinfection Standards 1847
Ascanio Sobrero Invites Nitroglycerine 1847
California Gold Rush 1848
First Medical College For Women In USA 1848
Publication Of David Copperfield (Charles Dickens) 1849
Publication Of Moby Dick (Herman Melville) 1851
William Thomson Invents The Heat Pump 1852
Foundation Of Dakar 1857
Foundation Of FC Sheffield As World’s First Soccer Club 1857
Darwin Publishes Theory Of Evolution 1859
Publication Of On The Origin Of Species (Charles Darwin) 1859
Publicatin Of I Hear America Singing (Walt Whitman) 1860
Foundation Of First German Shooter Association (DSB) 1861
Invention Of Four-Stroke Engine 1862
Foundation Of Football Association 1863
Football Becomes Soccer By The Rules Of Football Association 1863
The First Science Fiction Comic Strip: Trip To The Moon 1865
Gregor Mendel Discovers Laws Of Inheritance 1865
Publication Of Alice In Wonderland (Lewis Carroll) 1865
Foundation Of First Athletic Club 1866
Publication Of Crime And Punishment (Fyodor Dostoyevsky) 1866
Pierre Michaux Founds The First Bicycle Factory 1867
Publication Of War And Peace (Leo Tolstoy) 1867
Inauguration Of The Suez Canal 1869
Construction Of Suez Canal Competed 1869
J. A. Abbott Paints The Arrangement In Grey And Black No. 1 1871
Mandatory Vaccination Against Smallpox In German Empire 1874
Claude Monet Paints Impression, Sunrise 1874
Construction Starts Of Statue Of Liberty (USA) 1875
Nikolaus August Otto Creates The First Four-Stroke Engine 1876
First Wimbledon Tennis Tournament 1877
First Commercially Successful Typewriter In USA 1878
Edison Invents The Carbon Filament Lamp 1879
Walther Flemming Discovers Cytogenetics 1879
Foundation Of National Board Of Health In USA 1879
First Successful Gastrectomy 1882
Cocaine As Local Anesthetic 1884
Construction Of La Sagrada Familia (Spain) Starts 1884
Foundation Of German Swim Federation 1886
John Stith Pemberton Invents Coca-Cola As Patent Medicine 1886
Carl Benz Creates The First Gasoline Car 1886
Vincent Van Gogh Paints The Starry Night 1889
Construction Of Eiffel Tower (France) Starts 1889
Publication Of The Picture Of Dorian Gray (Oscar Wilde) 1890
Invention Of Diesel Engine 1893
Establishment Of Stanley Cup 1893
The World’s First Car Race In France 1894
Foundation Of International Olympic Committee 1894
Conrad Rontgen Discovers XRay 1895
The First International Olympic Games In Modern History 1896
Publication Of Quo Vadis (Henryk Sienkiewicz) 1896
The First Nobel Prize Award Ceremony 1901
Release Of A Trip To The Moon Film 1902
Construction Of The Thinker Statue (France) 1902
The First Flight Of Wright Brothers 1903
The First Tour De France 1903
Japan’s Attack On Port Arthur 1904
St. Louis Olympic Games 1904
Foundation Of FIFA 1904
Publication Of Peter Pan (JM Barrie) 1904
‘Bloody Sunday’ In St. Petersburg 1905
Radium As Medicine For Uterine Cancer 1905
Alfred Einhorn Invents Novocain As Replacement Of Cocaine 1905
The First Grand Prix De France 1906
Development Of Bakelite 1907
Ford Model T On The Market 1908
First Airplane Flight Across The English Channel 1909
The ‘Lightning Benz’ Race Car Exceeds 200 Kph 1909
Ernest Rutherford Discovers The Nucleus 1910
Earth Passes Through The Tail Of Halley’s Comet 1910
First Man To The South Pole 1911
First International Hygiene Exhibition 1911
Victor Francis Hess Discovers The Cosmic Radiation 1911
Stockholm Olympic Games 1912
Publication Of In Search Of Lost Time (Marcel Proust) 1913
Unveiling Of Little Mermaid Statue (Danmark) 1913
Formation Of Federal Reserve 1913
Ford Introduces The Assembly Line 1913
Beginning Of World War I. 1914
Release Of Five-Ringed Symbol Of The Olympic Games 1914
Panama Canal Opens 1914
Germans Use Poison Gas For The First Time 1915
Birth Of Edith Piaf 1915
Construction Of Lincon Memorial (Washington DC) 1917
Treaty Of Versailles 1919
Montreal Canadiens Wins Stanley Cup For First Time 1919
Construction Of Sacre Coeur (France) Completed 1919
Canada Wins Gold Medal In Ice Hockey For First Time 1920
First Appearance Of Insulin 1921
Publication Of Ulysses (James Joyce) 1922
Construction Starts Of Christ The Redeemer Statue (Brazil) 1922
Beer Hall Putsch 1923
The First 24 Hours Of Le Mans Race 1923
The First Winter Olympic Games 1924
First Hemodialysis In Humans 1924
Publication Of The Great Gatsby (F. Scott Fitzgerald) 1925
The First Talking Movie 1927
Construction Of Mount Rushmore National Memorial Starts 1927
Alexander Flemming Discovers Penicillin 1928
Black Friday On New York Stock Exchange 1929
Philip Dinker Invents The Iron Lung 1929
Uruguay Wins The First FIFA World Cup 1930
Construction Of Empire State Building Starts 1930
Clyde Tombaugh Discovers Pluto 1930
Karl Jansky Detects The First Radio Waves Coming From Space 1932
Adolf Hitler Becomes Chancellor 1933
British Chemists Invent Polyethylene 1933
Opening Of Wembley Arena 1934
Elvis Presley’s Birthdate 1935
Birth Of Luciano Pavarotti 1935
Inauguration Of The Hoover Dam 1936
Hoover Dam Is Completed 1936
Second Sino Japanese War 1937
Pablo Picasso Paints Guernica 1937
Construction Of Golden Gate Bridge Completed 1937
Foundation Of Volkswagen AG 1937
Foundation Of Toyota Motor Corporation 1937
Beginning Of World War II. 1939
Release Of The Wizard Of Oz Film (Victor Fleming) 1939
Release Of Gone With The Wind Film (Victor Fleming) 1939
Publication Of Johnny Got His Gun Book (Dalton Trumbo) 1939
Foundation Of The HewlettPackard Company 1939
The First Commercial Television Broadcast 1939
Grote Reber Reports The First Radio Telescope Survey Of The Sky 1940
Attack On Pearl Harbor 1941
Release Of Citizen Kane Film 1941
Birth Of Placido Domingo 1941
Release Of Casablanca Film (Michael Curtiz) 1942
Albert Hofmann Discovers Effects Of LSD 1943
Normandy Landings (D-Day) 1944
Birth Of Diana Ross 1944
U.S. Fire-Bombing Raids Of Tokyo 1945
Burning Nearly 30000 Books Of Nazi Affiliated Texts In Germany 1946
Invention Of Audiometer 1947
Breaking The Sound Barrier By Jetfighter 1947
Three Bell Labs Scientists Invent The Transistor 1947
Foundation Of World Health Organisation 1948
Foundation Of Honda Motor Company, Ltd. 1948
The Marshall Plan Is Enacted 1948
Establishment Of CMEA 1949
Publication Of Nineteen Eighty Four (George Orwell) 1949
Foundation Of Formula 1 1950
First Successful Kidney Transplantation 1950
Explosion Of The First Hydrogen Bomb 1952
First Test Of H-Bomb 1952
Release Of Singin’ In The Rain Film (Stanley Donen, Gene Kelly) 1952
Coronation Of Elizabeth II 1953
Publication Of Casino Royale (Ian Fleming) 1953
Foundation Of UEFA 1954
Release Of The Seven Samurai Film (Akira Kurosawa) 1954
Release Of On The Waterfront Film (Elia Kazan) 1954
Publication Of The Lord Of The Rings Book Series (JRR Tolkien) 1954
Beginning Of Vietnam War 1955
Chuck Berry’s ‘Maybellene’ Is Released 1955
Suez Crisis 1956
Soviet Union Launches Sputnik I. 1957
Boston Celtics Wins NBA Championship For First Time 1957
Laika Dog In Space 1957
Appearance Of Wankel Engine 1957
First Flying Around The Earth Without Landing 1957
Release Of 12 Angry Men Film (Sidney Lumet) 1957
The First Japanese Car, A Toyota, Is Sold In The US 1957
Elvis Joins The Army 1958
Bank Of America Launches The First Credit Card 1958
Release Of Some Like It Hot Film (Billy Wilder) 1959
The Day The Music Died 1959
Construction Of Sydney Opera House Starts 1959
Release Of Psycho Film (Alfred Hitchcock) 1960
First Man In Space 1961
Release Of Live At The Apollo (James Brown) 1962
Formation Of Kennedy Space Center 1962
The First Walmart Opens 1962
Assassination Of John F. Kennedy 1963
The German Football Association Founds Bundesliga 1963
Edith Piaf Dies 1963
Equal Pay For Equal Work In The USA 1963
Muhammad Ali World Boxing Champion For First Time 1964
Establishment Of German Cancer Research Center 1964
Release Of Mary Poppins Film (Robert Stevenson) 1964
The Beatles Appears On Ed Sullivan’s TV Show 1964
First Photograph About Fetus Inside Its Amniotic Sac 1965
Release Of Doctor Zhivago Film (David Lean) 1965
Bob Dylan Releases ‘Like A Rolling Stone’ 1965
Bob Dylan Plays The Newport Folk Festival 1965
Release Of My Generation (The Who) 1965
Release Of (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction (The Rolling Stones) 1965
Muhammad Ali Stripped Of His World Boxing Champion Title 1967
First Successful Heart Transplantation 1967
Release Of Bonnie And Clyde Film (Arthur Penn) 1967
Unveiling Of The Motherland Calls Statue (Russia) 1967
Olympic Victory With Fosbury Flop Technique 1968
Jim Clark Dies 1968
Introduction Of Numerus Clausus At German Universities 1968
Release Of 2001: A Space Odyssey Film (Stanley Kubrick) 1968
First Woodstock Festival 1969
Pelé Scores His 1000th Goal 1969
Neil Armstrong And Edwin Aldrin On The Moon 1969
First Flight Of Concorde 1969
Jimi Hendrix Plays ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ At Woodstock 1969
Black Sabbath Release Their First Album 1970
Jimi Hendrix Dies 1970
Janis Joplin Dies 1970
Formation Of Aerosmith 1970
Xerox Founds Its Palo Alto Research Center 1970
Launch Of Salyut Space Station 1971
Appearance Of Liquid Cristal Display 1971
Jim Morrison Dies 1971
Release Of Johnny Got His Gun Film (Dalton Trumbo) 1971
Release Of Riders On The Storm (The Doors) 1971
Intel Invents The Single-Chip Microprocessor 1971
Russia Launches Its First Space Station Salyut 1 Into Orbit 1971
Massacre During The Summer Olympics In Munich 1972
Release Of The Godfather Film (Francis Ford Coppola) 1972
Dream On Is Released (Aerosmith) 1973
Construction Of Sydney Opera House Completed 1973
Federal Express Begins Operations 1973
Creation Of Rubik’s Cube 1974
Turbocharger In Series Production 1974
Release Of The Godfather: Part II Film (Francis Ford Coppola) 1974
Kraftwerk Release ‘Autobahn’ 1974
End Of Vietnam War 1975
Foundation Of Microsoft Corporation 1975
Release Of No Woman, No Cry (Bob Marley & The Wailers) 1975
Formation Of Iron Maiden 1975
Foundation Of Microsoft Corporation 1975
Niki Lauda’s Accident At Nurburgring 1976
Foundation Of Apple Inc. 1976
Release Of Rocky Film (John G. Avildsen) 1976
Release Of Taxi Driver Film (Martin Scorsese) 1976
Foundation Of Apple Inc. 1976
NASA’s Viking 1 And Viking 2 Space Probes Arrive At Mars 1976
Elvis Presley Dies 1977
Release Of Star Wars Film (George Lucas) 1977
Saturday Night Fever Premieres And Disco Comes Alive 1977
Construction Of The Centre Pompidou (France) Completed 1977
Argentina Wins FIFA World Cup For First Time 1978
First Test Tube Baby Born In England 1978
Release Of The Deer Hunter Film (Michael Cimino) 1978
Margaret Thatcher Becomes Prime Minister 1979
Release Of Alien Film (Ridley Scott) 1979
Construction Of Tian Tan Buddha Statue (Hong Kong) 1979
Murder Of John Lennon 1980
Release Of Airplane! Film (J. Abrahams, D. Zucker, J. Zucker) 1980
Release Of The Empire Strikes Back Film (Irvin Kershner) 1980
Ronald Reagan Is Elected 1980
Discovery Of AIDS 1981
First Appearance Of Crack In USA 1981
First Appearance Of Compact Disc On The Market 1981
First Launch Of Colombia Space Shuttle 1981
Release Of Raiders Of The Lost Ark Film (Steven Spielberg) 1981
The Launch Of MTV 1981
Formation Of Metallica 1981
Harley-Davidson Adopts Japanese Management Techniques 1981
Appearance Of Magnetic Resonance Tomography 1982
Release Of E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial Film (Steven Spielberg) 1982
Release Of Thriller (Michael Jackson) 1982
The Mankind Starts To Use More Plastic Than Iron 1983
Formation Of Bon Jovi 1983
The First Infrared Astronomy Satellite, IRAS, Is Launched 1983
Los Angeles Olympic Games 1984
Michael Jordan Drafted By Chicago Bulls 1984
Appearance Of Anti-Lock Braking System 1984
Release Of Amadeus Film (Milos Forman) 1984
Release Of Ghostbusters Film (Ivan Reitman) 1984
Release Of Born In The USA (Bruce Springsteen) 1984
Michael Jackson Performs The ‘Moonwalk’ For The First Time 1984
Garry Kasparov World Chess Champion 1985
Ayrton Senna Wins His First Formula 1 Race 1985
Release Of Back To The Future Film (Robert Zemeckis) 1985
Madonna’s ‘Material Girl’ Is Released 1985
Parental Advisory Label Is Introduced By RIAA 1985
The Day The Music Changed The World 1985
Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster 1986
Chernobyl Nuclear Accident 1986
The First Surgical Application Of Laser Technology 1986
The Deep Thought Becomes Chess Grandmaster 1988
Release Of Die Hard Film (John McTiernan) 1988
Release Of Fuck Tha Police (N.W.A) 1988
Fall Of The Iron Curtain 1989
Release Of Metallica’s First Music Video 1989
Launch Of Hubble Space Telescope 1990
The World Wide Web Publicly Debuts 1991
Initial Release Of Linux 1991
Release Of Beauty And The Beast Film (G. Trousdale, K. Wise) 1991
Release Of The Silence Of The Lambs Film (Jonathan Demme) 1991
Bill Clinton Is Elected As President Of The US For First Time 1992
Release Of Reservoir Dogs Film (Quentin Tarantino) 1992
Release Of Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana) 1992
Release Of Schindler’s List Film (Steven Spielberg) 1993
Release Of Jurassic Park Film (Steven Spielberg) 1993
M. Schumacher Wins His First Formula 1 World Championship 1994
Release Of The Shawshank Redemption Film (Frank Darabont) 1994
Release Of Pulp Fiction Film (Quentin Tarantino) 1994
Release Of Forrest Gump Film (Robert Zemeckis) 1994
Release Of The Lion King Film (Roger Allers, Rob Minkoff) 1994
Kurt Cobain Dies 1994
Foundation Of Amazon.Com Inc. 1994
Release Of Bravehart Film (Mel Gibson) 1995
Release Of Seven Film (David Fincher) 1995
Release Of Toy Story Film (John Lasseter) 1995
The Spice Girls Appears 1995
Netscape Goes Public 1995
Tupac Shakur Dies 1996
Eminem Releases His Debut Album 1996
Princess Diana Dies In Car Accident 1997
Release Of Titanic Film (James Cameron) 1997
Release Of Good Will Hunting Film (Gus Van Sant) 1997
Publication Of Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone 1997
Foundation Of Google Inc. 1998
Release Of Saving Private Ryan Film (Steven Spielberg) 1998
Foundation Of PayPal Holdings, Inc. 1998
Release Of American Beauty Film (Sam Mendes) 1999
Release Of Fight Club Film (David Fincher) 1999
Release Of The Matrix Film (Andy And Lana Wachowski) 1999
George W. Bush Is Elected As President Of The US For First Time 2000
Release Of Memento Film (Christopher Nolan) 2000
Release Of Gladiator Film (Ridley Scott) 2000
Foundation Of Napster 2000
Release Of ‘1’ (The Beatles) 2000
The World Trade Center Attacks 2001
Foundation Of Space Exploration Technologies Corp. (SpaceX) 2002
Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster 2003
Foundation Of Tesla Motors, Inc. 2003
Hurricane Katrina 2005
Release Of Pan’s Labyrinth Film (Guillermo Del Toro) 2006
Luciano Pavaotti Dies 2007
Barack Obama Is Elected As President Of The US For First Time 2008
Release Of Slumdog Millionaire Film (Danny Boyle) 2008
Release Of The Dark Knight Film (Christopher Nolan) 2008
Construction Of Spring Temple Buddha (China) 2008
Construction Of Shanghai World Financial Center Completed 2008
Michael Jackson Dies 2009
Release Of Up Film (Pete Docter, Bob Peterson) 2009
Release Of Avatar Film (James Cameron) 2009
Release Of Inception Film (Christopher Nolan) 2010
The Beatles Put Their Music On ITunes 2010
Construction Of Burj Khalifa (UAE) Completed 2010
Osama Bin Laden Is Found And Killed 2011
The Voice Debuts On NBC 2011
Len Blavatnik’s Access Industries Buys Warner Music Group 2011
Spotify Arrives In America 2011
Release Of What Makes You Beautiful (One Direction) 2012
Release Of Baby (Justin Bieber) 2012
U.S. Prosecutors Shut Down MegaUpload, Arrest Kim Dotcom 2012
Whitney Houston Dies At 48 2012
Tupac Gets Resurrected Via Hologram At Coachella 2012
Sony/ATV Buys EMI Publishing 2012
Universal Music Group Completes Acquisition Of EMI 2012
Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ Video Hits A Billion YouTube Views 2012
Beyoncé Plays Halftime Of Super Bowl XLVII 2013
Construction Of The Statue Of Unity (India) 2013
David Bowie Dies At 69 2016
Mass Shooting In Orlando’s Pulse Nightclub 2016
Liberty Media Buys Formula 1 2017
Route 91 Harvest Music Festival Shooting 2017
Avicii Dies By Suicide 2018
TikTok Merges With Musical.Ly 2018
Apple Shuts Down ITunes 2019