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Software projects

Quantum Satellite Communication Simulator

Quantum Satellite Communication Simulator Quantum based systems could be the next steps in improving satellite communications. The aim of the silumator is the determination of Quantum Bit Error Rate (QBER) in different channel types (Earth-space, space-space, space-Earth), examination the used formulas, and simulation a quantum channel based network.
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Racing Strategist

Racing Strategist Racing Strategist is an interesting and useful application to plan and optimize race strategy. By this programme can be predicted racing time in cases of several box strategies, including the case of the shortest racing time. The application uses lap times, information about fuel and tyres and further parameters to calculate the result. It has a wizard style user interface and you do not need to use any game specific file. That means the programme is applicable to any racing game and even the real life where we have to take into consideration the box strategy.
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