Andras Kiss


Sopronring Long time ago Sopronring was an existing racing track in Sopron, Hungary. We created a reconstruction for rFactor in June 2014, which is not the exact representation of the original track. This place where the track is located is a 2.53 km2 area.

The Sopronring Formula Edition was released in September 2014, which has corrected racing line, lower walls and no fences along the road surface and affects probably more excitement from a cockpit of a formula car.

The full length of the racing track is 8451 meters. The smallest curve radius is 42.3 meters. The home straight is not really a strait line, it is rather a bend and its length is 505.72 meters. The longest straight is 684.83 meters long. The width of the track surface is 10 meters all along the whole racing track. The lowest point of the track is at 209 meters and the highest point is at 290 meters above the sea level.
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