Andras Kiss

Sim racing

Hillside park

Hillside park The area of Hillside park is based on a real locality near to the Alps. This is the reason of the various heights of the locality. Some parts of the track is based on real streets, but mostly it is a fantasy track. It was released in March 2016.

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Sopronring Long time ago the Sopronring was an existing racing track in Sopron (Hungary). Now we created a reconstruction of this track for rFactor. This track is not the exact representation of the real racing track. The main aim of the track is to use for multiplayer racing.
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Sopronring Formula Edition

Sopronring Formula Edition The first version of Sopronring was released in June 2014. Now we have created another version of this track for formula cars. The racing line has been corrected, and there are lower walls, no fences along the road surface and affects probably more excitement from a cockpit of a formula car.
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Racing Strategist

Racing Strategist Racing Strategist is an interesting and useful application to plan and optimize race strategy. By this programme can be predicted racing time in cases of several box strategies, including the case of the shortest racing time. The application uses lap times, information about fuel and tyres and further parameters to calculate the result. It has a wizard style user interface and you do not need to use any game specific file. That means the programme is applicable to any racing game and even the real life where we have to take into consideration the box strategy.
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