Andras Kiss

Too giant leap for the mankind - part 2

The sea of tranquility In 1953 the science editor of the New York Herald Tribune have reported seeing a 12-mile-long structure possibly a bridge on the edge of the Mare Crisium crater. This structure could have been caused by vulcanic activity. British astronomers, Dr. H.P. Wilkins and the presenter of the worlds longest running TV series, the Sky at Night, Sir Patrick Moore both confessed that the so called bridge in the Mare Crisium crater had just popped up from nowhere. In preparation for the NASA Apollo Moon machines Orbital 3 was dispatched to take photographs of some of the Moon's most interesting structures. In the Ukert area of the Moon a large vertical structure stands proud on the Luna surface. It has been nicknamed the Shard. Another curious object, photographed by Orbital 3, is the so called Tower, which some astronomers claim is over 1 mile thick and could be 5 miles high. After looking carefully through hundreds of NASA photos returns the Earth by Orbital 3 and its predecessor Orbital 2, an American author George Lenord published a book called Somebody else is on the Moon. George Lenord presented many photos in his book. Some shining very long tracks in the Luna dust. Tracks, which he said had been made by aliens.