Andras Kiss

Too giant leap for the mankind - part 1

Moon Through the success and spin put on the Apollo Moon machines in the late 1960s NASA has never fully answered the question, why have they never returned to the Moon. Some ex-NASA employees know the answer and that is that the Moon is crawded with aliens. And that NASA austronauts confirmed this in the 1970s leading many UFO researchers to conclude that NASA had been warned of ever returning to the Luna surface. UFO activity on the Moon was nothing new to the ex-nazis, who engineered the Apollo Moon machines. For centuries astronaust all over the world, including nazi Germany, had been reporting UFOs flying over the Luna surface. The Luna anomalies report was commisioned by NASA in the years proceeding the famous Apollo machines in the late 1960s. For more than 3 years NASA financed several research scientists to collate a catalogue of anomalous lives, which had been reported on the luna surface by leading astronomers and scientists, since the Elizabethan era. In 1968 the public version of the NASA research was published under the title Document R277. This public version of NASA survey of Luna UFOs included nearly 600 stragne events, which took place between the years 1540 and 1967. This official NASA catalogue of strange Luna UFOs included reports from some of the worlds most famous astronomers. E.g. NASA included a report from the brilliant french astronomer Gian Cassini, who reported seeing a white cloud hovering over the Luna surface in 1671. Another report suggested that the Moon had an atmosphere, when two astronomers reported lightning above the Luna surface on May 18. 1787.