Andras Kiss

The Vatican and the aliens - part 5

Vatican alien skull "Vatican secret archive is approximetaly 52 miles of shelf and over 32 thousand archives."

"What could possibly be in there?"
-Bill Birnes-

1977. US president Jimmy Carter is one of the only presidents ever declaimed to have seen a UFO. Carter attempts to publicly reveal all the information the US government has on alien existence. He asks the library of congress to reach out the all possible sources, regarding UFO intelligence. But when the libraries contacts reach out to the Vatican requesting disclosure of all files with evidence of alien life, the Vatican refuses, twice. But the secrets hidden within the Vatican cannot stayed buried forever. Now, new evidence made proof the Vatican is hiding actual aliens from the public.

"Here is a strange story. In 1998 there were excavations being done under the Vatican library and one of the workers found in excavation strange skulls. The elongated extended skulls they looked like we think the gray alien skulls."
-Bill Birnes-

The oversized, slanted eye sockets, the relatively small nose and mouth, the dome like cranium. The similarities between its structure and the heads of the gray alien, the ET life form most commonly described by witnesses are obvious. But why are skulls allegedly under the Vatican? If these bones could talk, what stories would they tell?

"After the discovery of strange skulls Paul John pope and the Vatican military closed all access to the site. What is the Vatican hiding and did those skulls make them in the secret Vatican archives?"
-Bill Birnes-

The catholic church has had 1500 years in which they could have recovered alien bodies from the investigations into unexplained sidings. Could these skulls be the remnants of aliens who once lived in the Vatican?