Andras Kiss

The Vatican and the aliens - part 4

The Sighting At Fatima

Unsealed Case File - The Sighting At Fatima

1917. The climax of World War I. Portugal attempts to remain neutral at the global conflict. The country is gripped with fear and its people are looking for a sign of what is to come.

"On October 13. 1917., in Fatima, Portugal a mass UFO sighting with more than 70 thousand witnesses took place. During the event the rain stopped, some witnesses beleived that the cloud parted and as was described that the saucer shaped craft came down from the heavens above towards Earth."
-John Greenewald, Jr.-

According to eyewitnesses, three children approached the vision and witnessed an apparition of a beautiful woman. The vision reportedly included a glowing globe shaped vehicle, showering rose petals, that disappeared upon hitting the ground. According to the girls, the apparition gave them a critic message.

"Over the years should be that to be the Virgin Mary, but it is very possible that is could have been something else."
-John Greenewald, Jr.-

"That apparition, that vision gave a prophecy to this three little girls and was a vision of the future, a prophecy of the future."
-Bill Birnes-

The message has been interpreted as images from apocaliptic future. It is filled with flaming swords and so called demons, who come in a forms of frightful and unknown animals. Could the Vatican be hiding details that this frightning message is warning of a coming alien invasion?

"All of the information for Fatima really did come out till about 2000. It beleived even to this day that not everything has been revealed. This really was a message from another world and it was a warning, a lot of people ask should we know."
-John Greenewald, Jr.-