Andras Kiss

The Vatican and the aliens - part 3

Madonna with Saint Giovannino Strange looking crafts begin to appear in Christian art as early as 1400s.

"Quite frequently artists report symbols in the sky, but in a couple of cases they look like flying saucers."
-Ted Peters-

"One painting, the Madonna with Saint Giovannino, picks the lady Madonna in the foreground and Saint Giovannino in the background, pointing up to the sky and he sees a craft, that is clearly visible in the painting."
-John Greenewald, Jr.-

"In the middle ages, and through the renesance they take events from the present and they picked them in the paintings. These were real things the people saw in the sky."
-Bill Birnes-

"In the miracle of the snow, you have a painting of Jesus and Mary above, and below appears a fleet of UFOs or flying saucers diectly below."
-John Greenewald, Jr.-

The baptism of Christ, painted in 1710, shows what looks like a flying saucer beaming down to Jesus. The crucifixion features appear of what look like UFOs. Are the objects captured in these works of art records of religious devotion, or evidence of the churches connection to the spacecrafts and perhaps even creatures from another world?

"That is not a wing angel or the picture of God. What was that 500 years ago, we do not know."
-John Greenewald, Jr.-

The discs seen through out of history of Christian art are an identical marks to recordings and reports of modern day UFOs. Were these arts steady images they had seen or heard about from eyewitnesses? And when UFOs are so clearly seen through out history, why has the church denied their presents? Is the Vatican truly hiding knowledge of alien life? And have we only just now discovered it?

"It is very light that some of the religious experiences that have been discussed, written about for centuries were in fact extrateresstrials."