Andras Kiss

The Vatican and the aliens - part 2

Giordano Bruno April 8. at 6:03 am, hours before John Paul's funeral an unidentified flying object is filmed by security camera, observing St. Peters basilica. Could this mystirious object be evidence of a connection between the Vatican and alien life? A connection that theorists and historists belive has existed since the creation of the church. The possibility that this craft came to pay its respect to the Pope and his people is more likely than you think. Torun, Poland, 1543. Nicolaus Copernicus marks the begining of modern atronomy, showing that Earth revolves around the Sun, and not the other way around. Five years later Giordano Bruno was born in Napols, Southern Italy. Bruno takes the theories of Copernicus further, by suggesting that science dictates life on other planets.

"Bruno's theory about the cosmos said that the people on Earth are not the only people on the universe. That did not set with the church."
-John Greenewald, Jr.-

In 1600 Bruno was found guilty of heresy and burned at the stake. He is the first person in history to be executed by the chatolic church for beleives that include the possibility of extrateresstrial. Was Bruno sacrafised to cover of the secret the church has a allegedly hidden for the past 1500 years?

"The church beleives that we as humans God made us the center of everything and we are just kind of a be all and end all, but the reality was much bared, was much more out there."
-John Greenewald, Jr.-

In fact, possible ties between the chatolic faith and alien forms are nearly as old as the religion itself.