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Changing the spark plugs

Spark plugs Spark plug is one of the simplest part of the engine. Its only functionality is to ignite the fuel and air mixture. The voltage generated by the high-voltage ignition system of the car is placed on the middle electrode of the spark plug. The body surface electrode is in electric contact with the engine body. The spark through the air gap between the two electrodes is conducted on the body surface electrode to the cylinder head of the engine.

The spark plug becomes worn with time. The body surface electrode becomes thinner, the insulation can be burnt etc. A worn spark plug can cause higher fuel consumption, lower performance... That is why is needed the spark plug change regularly.

What you need:
- 4 spark plugs
- a coin (e.g. 10 cent)
- 10 mm fork wrench
- 16 mm plug wrench or pipe wrench
- about 30 min.

Engine cover
1. Let the engine cool down and remove the plastic cover from the top of the engine by a coin.

2. Remove the screw by a 10 mm fork wrench from the engine body, which holds the spark plug connector.

3. Unplug the cable from the spark plug connector.

Spark plug connector
4. Remove the spark plug connector from the engine body.

Screw off
5. Screw off the spark plug and remove from the engine body. 6. Screw in the new spark plug and in case of flat surface plug force it by 20°, in case of conic surface plug force it by 240°.

7. Repeat these steps for all of the four cylinder and put the engine parts to their places.