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Quarter Million Kilometres

Quarter Million Kilometres When I bought my Honda Civic VII 1.6I 2001, in 2013 a lot of people said it is not worth to buy a 12 years old, ~200K kilometres ran car for $3400 price. Other people said does not really matter the age and the kilometres. When you buy a car you buy state and not kilometres. Now I have reached the quarter million kilometres, sometimes I fix some little problems and do maintenance without qualification and the car still works. I have been performing about 50K kilometres. Let us see the short story of the route.

First I checked the opinions about several cars under $3500. I took into account not only Honda Civic, but Mercedes C class, BMW 316i and 320d, Volkswagen Golf IV, Toyota Corolla etc. Considering the reliability, average maintenance price and the driving experience, the Honda Civic 1.6 was what I chose. In June 2013 the car was advertised as a maintained car, without any problems for $3400, from a private person. I tried the car and checked its technical state in a service, then I found it was worth to buy and I made the deal.

There is nothing special notable about the car, it does what is expected. I maintained as it is described in the manual, including changing oil, oil filter, fuel filter, air filter, pollen filter, spark plugs, timing belt and cleaning the air conditioner. As interesting facts, relatively a lot of parts are easily accessible in the engine compartment, several failures can be repaired without qualification.

Failures in the last 50K kilometres:
- The pipe between exhaust manifold and EGR (Engine Gas Recirculation) valve was clogged
- Exhaust muffler started to come off from the exhaust pipe
- Some light bulbs behind behind the dashboard was burned out (solved by me)
- Headlights burned out (solved by me)
- Plate number light burned out (solved by me)

According to my plans I still want to use the car as long as it runs or as it is worth to use. Now begins the second quarter.