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One way street for electrons

LED bulb Light Emitting Diodes, LEDs and what they are is a semiconductor. The diode conducts electricity only one direction and it stops in the other way, if you feed it with alternating current it will change it into direct current. If you take a diode and you ad various chemical compounds to it, it will emit light. The lifetime of LED lamp is 15K - 25K hours, the lifetime of halogen bulb is 1K - 1.25K hours. Now we will see how to change the position lamp in Honda Civic 7gen.

I applied non branded LED bulbs. The followings says the manufacturer about its product:
- Selected high bright chip eye-can-tell brighter than competitor
- Micro light decay
- Always look fresh
- Advanced cooling structure
- 200% cooling effect than competitor
- -40-85 C aging qualified
- Play in all weather
- Current stabilization
- Surge voltage protection
- The most stable setting

It has ISO 9001 certification and approval mark, that means it is allowed to use in traffic.

Let's see how to replace the old position lamp bulbs to the new ones. In this case you do not need any tool to change the position lamp, only the LED bulbs.

Halogen bulbs
1. This is how the front part of the car looks like when the halogen position lamps and the dipped headlights are on.

Turned wheel
2. Turn the steering wheel to the left in case of the right part position lamp (to the right in case of left part position lamp).

Plastic clip
3. Remove the plastic clips from the plastic cover behind the lamp body.

Plastic cover
4. Remove the plastic cover as necessary.

Unplugged position lamp
5. Unplug the position lamp from the lamp body.

LED bulb
6. Replace the LED bulb.

Inserted LED bulb
7. Plug the position lamp to the lamp body, fix the plastic cover, reinsert the plastic clips to the plastic cover. Turn on the lights and you can see the results...

Comparison of halogen and LED bulbs
8. Turn on the lights and you can see the results and the differences.