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Importance of the air filter

The average fuel consumption of the 1.6i 7gen Civic is 6.5 l/100km and it has 50 l fuel tank. These values are correct only if we talk about the petrol as fuel. But what about the oxygen? It is also required for an internal-combustion engine. In case of 1.6i 7gen Civic every milligram petrol needs average 10.4 milligram air to burn the fuel (this value can be changed by the Engine Control Unit). These materials are not enough for burning, somehow this petrol-air mixture is needed to be ignited, and this is the functionality of the spark plug. If you are also interested in how to change spark plug just check the Spark plug change article.

Air filter
Stock air filter of Honda Civic 1.6i 7gen.

If you go to a filling station for a full tank you also need 520 litres of air to burn the full tank petrol, and you can perform about 770 kilometres. By doing this over and over again - just using the engine of the car - the intake of the engine pulls all of the pollution of the air, mostly dust and the air filter has the functionality to stop them before arriving to the combustion chamber. Theoretically the intake side of the engine works the same way as is does a vacuum cleaner. Its filter also clogs with time - with amount of dusty air. If you are interested in how to change air filter just check the Air filter change article.

Customizing and killing the engine

Sport air filter
Sport air filter.

If we talk about the air filter and the burning of the petrol-air mixture we must talk about the sport air filter and nitrous oxide. First take the sport air filter. Its part, which permeates the air is usually made of cotton and its permeability is usually higher by ~40% than the permeability of the stock air filter, which permeates the air through paper. The higher permeability results lower load for the engine and by lower load can be reached higher torque and higher performance. But this story is not over. The higher permeability has an important disadvantage, it is about its functionality, in other words to filter the dust of the air, which comes to the combustion chamber. The sport air filter is unable to stop some of the particles of the dusty air, due to the higher permeability and these particles can subside in the engine and can cause damages and can reduce the lifetime of the engine. So if you plan replacing the stock air filter with a sport air filter do it at your own risk!

Nitrous oxide system
Nitrous oxide system.

Previously we talked about the petrol-air mixture and the reachable performance by burning these materials. Now we have to mention the Dinitrogen monoxide, or nitrous oxide or just simply nitro or NOS. This gas material is a fuel additive and basically it is used to increase the performance of the burning by adding this gas into the fuel. It has oxidizer effect and by adding it into the fuel it can increase the amount of oxygen. As result it increases the efficiency of the combustion and it results higher torque and higher performance. But this story is not over. The increased power of combustion can blow up the engine. So if you plan install a nitrous oxide system into the fuel system of your car then do it at your own risk!