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Changing the air filter

Air filter In the Importance of air filter article can be read about why the air filter is needed to be changed regularly. According to the regulations of the manufacturer the air filter is needed to be changed after every 40 thousand kilometres. By another point of view the air filter is needed to be changed if it cannot permeate enough amount of air to the engine. All of the two cases the task is the same: we have to change the air filter.

What you need:
- new air filter for D16W7 engine
- wet kerchief
- 10 mm pipe wrench
- about 15 min.

Air filter housing
1. Screw out the 7 screws from the top of the air filter housing by a 10 mm pipe wrench and remove the plastic cover.

Old air filter
2. Remove the old air filter.

Area of the unfiltered air
3. Clean the area of the unfiltered air - by a wet kerchief - inside the air filter housing.

New air filter
4. Insert the new air filter, put the cover on the air filter housing and screw in the 7 screws.