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Cleaning the air conditioner and changing the pollen filter

Pollen filter change Air conditioner and pollen filter is widely used, but important to look after at least once a year. You can prevent most of the respiratory diseases and infections by cleaning the air conditioner and changing the pollen filter. In case of 7 gen Civic it is manageable at home without any tool or equipment.

It takes about half an hour, and about $10. When you clean the air conditioner it is recommended to change the pollen filter too, because due to the clogging the air flow can also be slower. It is suggested to do it before summer.

It is important to know how polluted is the air system. If there is fungal sediment it could be a better choice to confide a specialist ,otherwise you can do it yourself.

In the 7 gen Civic the pollen filter is behind the glove box. Changing the pollen filter is only few steps.

Opened glove box
1. Open the glove box.

Glove box delimiters
2. Remove the delimiters.

Opened glove box
3. Open the glove box fully.

Pollen filters
4. Open the pollen filter box.

Pollen filters comparison
5. Remove the old pollen filters and insert the new ones.

During the insert you only need to check the correct direction of the air flow, it is always signed by an arrow on the filter. The cleaning of the air flow system I solved in a quite easy way. I used a grenade-like cleaner, which is actually an aerosol.

Start engine
1. You need to start the engine in the car.

Air conditioner
2. switch on the air conditioner and switch to the inside air circulation.

Start engine
3. turn to the maximum the air flow speed.

4. Switch on the cleaner spray and put into the car, and close the door.

It takes about 5-10 minutes to circulate the antiseptic gas in the air flow system and in the interior of the car. When the aerosol looks like it is empty, just remove it from the car, turn off the air conditioner and air the interior of the car.