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Honda tales

Quarter Million Kilometres

Quarter Million Kilometres When I bought my Honda Civic VII 1.6I 2001, in 2013 a lot of people said it is not worth to buy a 12 years old, ~200K kilometres ran car for $3400 price. Other people said does not really matter the age and the kilometres. When you buy a car you buy state and not kilometres. Now I have reached the quarter million kilometres, sometimes I fix some little problems and do maintenance without qualification and the car still works. I have been performing about 50K kilometres. Let us see the short story of the route.

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One way street for electrons

Inserted LED bulb Light Emitting Diodes, LEDs and what they are is a semiconductor. The diode conducts electricity only one direction and it stops in the other way, if you feed it with alternating current it will change it into direct current. If you take a diode and you ad various chemical compounds to it, it will emit light. The lifetime of LED lamp is 15K - 25K hours, the lifetime of halogen bulb is 1K - 1.25K hours. Now we will see how to change the position lamp in Honda Civic 7gen.

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Air filter change

Air filter change In the Importance of air filter article can be read about why the air filter is needed to be changed regularly. According to the regulations of the manufacturer the air filter is needed to be changed after every 40 thousand kilometres. By another point of view the air filter is needed to be changed if it cannot permeate enough amount of air to the engine.

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Importance of air filter

Air filter The average fuel consumption of the 1.6i 7gen Civic is 6.5 l/100km and it has 50 l fuel tank. These values are correct only if we talk about the petrol as fuel. But what about the oxygen? It is also required for an internal-combustion engine.

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Divine spark

Spark plugs The spark plug becomes worn with time. The body surface electrode becomes thinner, the insulation can be burnt etc. A worn spark plug can cause higher fuel consumption, lower performance... That is why is needed the spark plug change regularly.

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Lights out

Lights out on dashboard After 231552 km and 14.5 years the illumination of the dashboard is beginning to not work. In the full darkness - when only the lights of the car are on - the water temperature indicator and the bottom part of the RPM indicator are invisible. Now I tell how I fixed it.
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Cleaning the air conditioner and changing the pollen filter

Pollen filters Air conditioner and pollen filter is widely used, but important to look after at least once a year. You can prevent most of the respiratory diseases and infections by cleaning the air conditioner and changing the pollen filter. In case of 7 gen Civic it is manageable at home without any tool or equipment. In my case I solved it by a grenade-like cleaner and a pair of new pollen filters.
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The car

Honda Civic 7 gen The 7th generation of Honda Civic was produced in Tokyo, Japan, 2001. At its introduction in 2000, it won the Car of the Year Japan Award for a record fourth time, and it won the Japan Automotive Researchers' and Journalists' Conference Car of the Year award in 2001. And this is only the beginning.
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