Andras Kiss

Racing strategist

Racing Strategist Racing Strategist is an interesting and useful application to plan and optimize race strategy. By this programme can be predicted racing time in cases of several box strategies, including the case of the shortest racing time. The application uses lap times, information about fuel and tyres and further parameters to calculate the result. It has a wizard style user interface and you do not need to use any game specific file. That means the programme is applicable to any racing game and even the real life where we have to take into consideration the box strategy.
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Nico Rosberg "Sometimes during Formula 1 races there can be long periods where is just little track action and no overtaking. In those times the race strategy can just be absolutely crucial. Mainly the strategy is decided by the team because they have much better overview of the whole situation on the television, on the computers. It is a bit like playing chess. It is a group of people in our team against a group of people in the other team and you just always want to be a few steps ahead of them to be out beat them."

James Vowles "Strategy is the understanding of the fuel that is in the car, the tyres and how they are working, the track. The track is never static, it is always changing, it is always dynamic in terms of its grip that is giving you, it is the performance of the tyres and how is working. Putting now all together we use a number of complex simulations the computer systems the work with us during the race. But ultimately it is a human decision and it has to be. It is all about psychologically having a pledge against the rivals. Strategy does not extends just the race, it also extends to qualify. The most important thing is approaching the race weekend with a clear and concise plan for the drivers. In qualifying the strategy is understanding what tyres will do, how to use them and what order and how to apply that for the final result to the final qualifying session. And in the race its decision is about when we are stopping, who we are racing against, who are primary competitors and how we are going to beat them on track. Race strategy in its most simplest form is achieving the highest possible result at the end of the race."
- James Vowles (Chief Strategist MERCEDES GP PETRONAS) -

Simon Taylor "So much of winning or losing is about the strategy. Who is making pit stops where are you going to run your car from the field and make fewer pit stops or light on feel sites lighter and faster but than have to make more pit stops. And are you actually going to change your strategy during the race depending on what else is going on around."
- Simon Taylor (Motor Racing Commentator) -